Epsilon Alpha Chapter at Missouri University of Science and Technology

Kappa Delta

Chapter Housing

Kappa Delta is excited about our new chapter house which opened in August of 2011.  It is conveniently located close to campus with plenty of parking and bike storage available.  The chapter house has updated security features such as biometric entry and a sprinkler system for fire suppression.  Other amenities include campus hosted internet, printing and copying, convenient laundry facilities on each sleeping floor, and a file system containing class notes and tests from previous semesters.

The best part about the chapter house is that it's like a home.  The rooms and bathrooms are unique layouts, and the kitchen is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week with food prepared by our cook and snacks for study breaks.  It still contains fun features from the previous house like the "door to nowhere", an old telephone cabinet, and antique French doors.  Kappa Deltas are very proud of our new chapter house which has truly become the chapter home.


"I have lived in the house from the moment that I was able to, and I have loved every minute! Living in the house creates an instant connection with your sisters and keeps you more engaged in activities. I have never seen so many people take a trip to Mobil together as the Kappa Deltas." -Rho Gamma

"My favorite part of living in house is always having a friend to talk to and confide in if something is wrong. It's really nice knowing you can count on your sisters. This will be my fourth semester living in house and I'm so excited to see what is in store. Each semester is a completely different experience! One reason why is because we switch rooms/roommates each semester. This makes it easy to get to know each of your sisters individually." -Sister Elizabeth Mulina

"Living in a sorority house, however, is more like living at home with your family. You know everyone you live with and you don't have random people traipsing up and down your halls at 3 am pounding on doors because they're drunk and they think it's funny. You know you can always go to your roommate or your neighbor down the hall because your boyfriend broke up with you at 3 am and need someone to cry to, you don't have to worry about locking yourself out of your bedroom accidentally in your towel because the shower is in your bedroom, and it provides a lot of experiences that I never could have had if I had stayed in the dorms. I got to know the women that were now my sisters in ways I didn't get to when I lived out of house, I got to learn about their pasts and their goals in life and we all helped encourage each other to do our best." -Sister Lillie Warren

"The worst part about living out of house is that when you're hanging out with your sisters and you're bonding into the wee hours of the morning, you have to go home to an apartment to sleep. There once was a time where I was studying in the dining room with some sisters and during a study break they all started sprinting around the room and giggling because they were having a competition on who had the most steps using a pedometer app. It was 3am and I really needed sleep so everything they were doing was hilarious. I ended up having to leave the fun house to go sleep at my apartment while they got to stay at home. When your sisters go off to their beds in-house it sucks that you have to walk home, especially when the Kappa Delta house feels more like home than your apartment does." -Sister Melanie Folk

I love living in house. I spent one year in the dorms, and while I liked living there, something was missing. When I moved into the house I really got to know my sisters better. Living in the dorms, I didn't spend a lot of time at the house and I didn't get to know my sisters as well as if I had lived in house. Living in house allows me to go on random trips with my sisters, whether it is going to DQ to celebrate a birthday or just make a Walmart trip and getting to know a sister better. It also allows me to have up til 3am conversations with my roommates. Living in house has really helped me to see just how much I missed while living in the dorms.” -Sister Becca Miller