Epsilon Alpha Chapter at Missouri University of Science and Technology

Kappa Delta

Our Officers

Katie Frogge


The President acts as the liaison between the chapter and National Kappa Delta, our Chapter Advisory Board, our House Corporation, and our Greek Life Adviser on campus. As the head of the chapter, she conducts chapter meetings and council meetings where sisters can freely voice their opinion about how things are being run. Through the many meetings and phone calls, she develops relationships with various sisters, alumnae, and advisers who are eager to help our chapter grow and thrive. It's an adventure in itself, and seeing so many people coming together for one common goal - the success of Kappa Delta - is truly amazing.

  • Major: Aerospace Engineering
  • Contact email: kefmc6@mst.edu
  • Hometown: Lee's Summit, MO

Kirsten Lee

Vice President - Member Education

The Vice President-Member Education is in charge of making sure that New Members are transitioned into being a part of the sisterhood. She educates them about Kappa Delta and helps them through their incredible journey as a New Member. She also works with other chapter officers and puts on workshops for the entire chapter that help and educate the chapter about the values and responsibilities of being a Kappa Delta.

  • Major: Civil Engineering
  • Contact email: kmlgdm@mst.edu
  • Hometown: Stilwell, Kansas

Autumn Buesking

Vice President - Membership

The Vice President-Membership handles a few different areas within the chapter: Formal Recruitment, Informal Recruitment, Sisterhood, and Retention. She works with 4 different Appointed Officers in these areas. For Formal Recruitment, She has her own committee called the Day Chair Committee. Under the Informal Recruitment and Sisterhood Appointed Offices, we have two additional committees that work to grow our sisterhood inside and out. There is a lot of room to get involved under the Membership areas of Kappa Delta!

  • Major: Civil and Architectural Engineering
  • Contact email: anbg2d@mst.edu
  • Hometown: Washington, Missouri

Amanda Aiken

Vice President - Operations

The Vice President-Operations oversees the maintenance of the master calendar and programming. She also overlooks the formation and execution of goals that we set for our chapter. I have tons of fun rewarding the ladies of our chapter when we achieve our goals!

  • Major: Engineering Management
  • Contact email: ama7gr@mst.edu
  • Hometown: St. Louis, MO

Sarah Scherich

Vice President - Community Service

The Vice President-Community Service is responsible for planning our big philanthropy event to raise money for Prevent Child Abuse America. She is also responsible for planning 4 Girl Scout events, maintaining the relationship with the local Girl Scout Troops, and keeping the chapter involved in the community.

  • Major: Chemical Engineering
  • Contact email: sesy9h@mst.edu
  • Hometown: Blue Springs, Missouri

Abbi Nardi

Vice President - Public Relations

The Vice President- Public Relations serves as the ambassador for Epsilon Alpha. She works to enhance chapter visibility both on campus and on social media, along with maintaining healthy relationships with other organizations. She does this by publicizing and hosting events, creating advertising campaigns, establishing connections, and keeping open lines of communication inside and outside of Kappa Delta. I love that my position allows me to work alongside other amazing officers to fully benefit our chapter.

  • Major: Biology Pre-Med
  • Contact email: amn6cz@mst.edu
  • Home Town: Saint Charles, Missouri

Emily Boeyink

Vice President - Standards

The Vice President Standards acts as a liaison between the rules of National Kappa Delta and our chapter. She also acts as a resource for any members who are struggling, whether chapter related or not.

  • Major: Aerospace Engineering
  • Contact email: efbbbb@mst.edu
  • Hometown: Ladue, Missouri

Emma Leppert


Secretary carries the responsibility of keeping the minutes, making sure reports are turned in on time and keeping record of everything the chapter does. Our chapter is currently in the process of converting our files and records to digital files, and going green.

  • Major: Aerospace Engineering
  • Contact email: enlf6d@mst.edu
  • Hometown: Blue Springs, Missouri

Aryana Mattman

Vice President - Finance

The Vice President-Finance keeps daily tabs on the chapter's finances. She sends out bills and makes sure that all members are current on their dues. She also, with the help of the Magazine Chair, runs the annual magazine sales for the chapter.

Chrysalin Martin

Panhellenic Delegate

The Panhellenic Delegate acts as a liaison between the chapter and Panhellenic Council. She relays information between the two groups. She is also head of the events committee, which includes Homecoming, Greek Week, St. Pat's, Greek Sing, and Out Til Midnight. She makes sure that the committee heads for these event are doing what needs to be done.

  • Major: Chemistry
  • Contact email: crmpr4@mst.edu
  • Hometown: Harrisonville, Missouri
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